Speaker Biography

Debrah Zepf

Founder/President: Wholistic College of Quantum Wellness, UK

Title: Effecting Biochemical change at the molecular level using aromatic medicine

Debrah Zepf

For more than 2 decades Dr. Zepf’s philosophy has been to Educate, Empower and Encourage those on their healing journeys.  Founder/President:  Wholistic College of Quantum Wellness, a faith-based organization educating those who want to make a lifelong commitment to whole body health. She has a PhD and doctorate in Natural Medicine, a doctorate in traditional naturopathy, Certified Master Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist. Her education is supplemented by over 20 years of hands-on experience in holistic healing in a clinic with over 1200 patients, using essential oils to effect biological changes at a microcellular level. Her private practice assists patients with a variety of conditions including pain, insomnia, digestive challenges, detoxification, high cholesterol and more! Dr. Zepf delights and educates her audiences with vital, alternative and integrative medicine therapies and information. She is also a PhD mentor for candidates completing their dissertation with IQUIM – International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine


Lowering Cholesterol using Essential Oils and Energy Medicine Methods.

Cholesterol is a valuable hormone that has been used as a vice to worry the public to reduce cholesterol while not educating them on the value. Cholesterol is a needed hormone in which 70% is used by the brain. It is also blamed for clotting of arteries when in fact the cholesterol is only a contributor not a creator of the problem.

Diseases are events that have determinable causes; illnesses occur as a result of an invasion by an outside source, such as viruses, germs, bacteria or pathogens. Classifications of disease should be according to their causes – linear (virus, bacteria etc). Symptoms indicate their causes and are directly related to the causes and more important for treatment purposes. Allopathy treats only the later aggravated symptoms of the physical body. Allopathy tries to cure the physical body imbalances. Removal of symptoms is ideal for a cure while the disease itself, remains untreated. In Natural Energy Medicine, disease is a breakdown of vital forces resulting from an overwhelming movement in the vital body (feelings and emotions) which weakens the body. The inability to process the emotional stresses weakens the body, leaving the individual influence of disease agents such as viruses, germs or bacteria. The treatment of illness depends upon the knowledge of medicines and their healing power, acquired through ancient folklore, scientific research as well as through experimentation on healthy people who can describe the fine nuances of change in attitude, emotional, physical and mental states.